How You Can Earn Easily While Sharing links.


Many a times we see interesting post on FB or newsfeed and we got the urge to click the “share it” or “post it” button. As sharing a great news or any interesting “how-to” videos with friends help others to learn a new skill, discover & explore.

But do you know that by sharing, not only you’re doing good to share something so that people or friends can learn or discover, but at the same time you earn for they thank you the effort to share it out once they click the link.


It is pretty easy to sign up & very hassle free. Quite reliable as they have been around for over 5years and said to have paid out over $1.2million to all users since they first started. Upon creating your link, you get to choose 3ways of advertisement display to you users.

The 3ways determine how much can earn. The 3ways are: Intermission, Pop under & Short Link.

  1. Intermission will allow you to earn $$$, advertisement will be shown before they get to the site.
  2. Pop Under will allow you to earn $$, advertisement will be popped under the page of site. There will be not disruption to them reading your site.
  3. Short Link won’t get you any earning, there is no advertisement at all. If you choose this, you’re expected to get a short link for people to easily click & access the site rather than to click a super long link that they might be skeptical in clicking it. If you just need short link without advertisement and no signup needed, you can try Bitly instead.

Where this is my more preferred one. With its easy login, paste & shrink links function, pretty decent advertisements will popup up before site and total seamless accessing. Their service is good, reliable and ease of use. I like site that are of no nonsense & straight to the point.However as adfly is quite popular, many would have seen the link name & know that it comes with an advertisement before you can access the site. You can try using Bitly on the above to re-create a shorter link if you wish.


There are many in the market and you can just google to see for yourself and try out afew till you have tested and tried which one works best for you! There is no harm trying anyway as they are all free sign-ups.

I hope you do learn a thing or two in this introduction and always take note to enjoy what you do!

Lovely Lego Brown & White Chocolates by Akihiro Mizuuchi

What do you do when you’re stressed?

Do your punches in the pillow? Why not try making these lovely Lego Chocolates & have more fun & creativity with them? If your weather there is too hot that may make these lovely chocolate melt faster than you eat, do consider to fill your Lego Silicon Mold with water to make ice cubes instead! Be creative & amaze your family & friends today!

a8 a7 a6 a5

Look how lovely they looked? How can we bear to end it up into our stomach?

No way!  😛

a4 a3 a2

Let us know at the comments below on how your Lego Chocolates turn out today! Have an awesome day!

Look how lovely they are!  Too lovely to be in the stomach.

Look how lovely they are! Too lovely to be in the stomach.

Interview with Mr. Marcus Tan (Co-founder of the Singapore Marketplace Mobile Apps CAROUSELL, currently ranked 26th in Apple Apps Store Top Chart as of 31st May’14)


Mr. Marcus Tan (speaker at National University Of Singapore)

It is my pleasure & am honoured to interview one of the co-founder of Carousell, currently Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest growing mobile-first C2C marketplace Mobile Apps. Entirely originated and made in Singapore, Carousell works in a user-friendly mode of the 3 easy steps of “Snap-List-Post”(Snap a photo of your item, List it with purchase & item details, Post it instantly to outreach to the Carousell Community so that you can easily free up your wardrobe space! That’s so easy! Interested buyers can easily have an exchange of conversation to strike a deal with the sellers via a meet up or postal delivery to home.

Carousell is founded by three ideas alike friends (Mr. Lucas Ngoo, Mr. Quek Siu Rui & Mr. Marcus Tan) whom have the inspiring motive to get the world selling & transacting in a daily motion. To further understand them, here’s my interview with him:


Carousell & the men behind the brilliant idea, as featured in The New Paper, Singapore. Mr. Marcus as seated on the extreme right. Photo credits: Mr. Marcus Tan


1) How & when do you get your ideas to setup Carousell which is such a cool platform for trading & dealing? 

We were inspired after spending a year in California (part of our University Internship program). We fell in love with technology after witnessing how companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use technology to solve hard meaningful problems at large scale. We decided to bring back what we learned and create something that solved our own problems in Singapore.

One of the biggest problem we faced was that we had tons of stuff like gadgets, books, and clothes lying wasted and collecting dust. Furthermore existing marketplaces like Hardwarezone and Clubsnap have not innovated and stuck on desktop experience. We wanted something mobile, simple, social and inspiring to buy and sell.
That is when we took a leap of faith on 14 May 2012: – I quit my job back then at Oracle – Siu Rui dropped his honors degree – Lucas worked on Carousell full time while studying “part time” in his final year of studies The first version of Carousell was created on 13 Aug 2012. Siu Rui leads product and support. Lucas leads technology and engineering and I lead design and community.
2) Why do you choose this profession and what do you most love & appreciate about this passion? 
We love technology and wanted to create something meaningful. Before going to USA, we wanted to work in established corporation but after assimilating the culture and learning from the community there, we decided to take the plunge and start something that we cared about. That is, selling was extremely tedious in forums and marketplaces.We then realized that this problem resonated with many more people and we started to get validation and people using Carousell on a regular basis.
3) What difficulties do you face in pursuing this dream & how do you overcome it? If you have the chance to talk to your younger self, what will you say?
The 2 biggest challenges are:
1. Hiring: Building a great app requires great talents who are willing to work hard and smart. And since we are a startup they need to work for equity instead of high salary. Solution: Being thick skin and ask your friends for referrals and also going to meet ups.
2. Expanding: Singapore is a small market with a cap of 5 million plus population. It is challenging to expand in the region because of language and infrastructure barriers. Solution: no answers to this yet. Still figuring how to expand. What we are doing now is running quick experiments and learning from the results.
If I see my younger self, I would ask him to start earlier. And also procrastinate less, don’t care of being judged and take action in what you believe in. I realized the difference between success and failure is being courageous and making so many mistakes until you succeed.
4) Who inspires you, or whom do you inspire to be like? 
Our community inspires us. We wake up motivated to build a better product so that the community can benefit more. Our company’s mission is to inspire millions to start selling because it is meaningful. Sellers get to make money off items that they no longer use and buyers get to save money buying second hand. In addition, some entrepreneurial sellers have started to create great products and started sell on Carousell as their main channel. (For example, and like Instagram and Whatsapp inspire us. They have very small team (compared to Microsoft or Yahoo) but still have the resource to serve millions of users and solve a meaningful problem at large scale. That is what we aspire to be.
 I also love to read articles/books about Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many more inspiring CEOs / founders. You can never stop learning and reading about them.
5) How do you strike a work-life balance?
 I still hang out with my friends every once in awhile on weekends or late at night on weekdays. Life goes on but I am more careful with my plans and scheduling of events because I want to make the best use of my time. Life is too short.
6) What are the things that makes you happy in life?
I see sellers making a living out of using Carousell, or having pocket money to go school. For buyers, they get good deals which they previously cannot afford and it improves their lives (for example books). Some are 50 -70% off retail price.
There is this huge satisfaction to see people benefiting from Carousell. These stories make the team happy and motivate us to think of how we can improve Carousell further even with our limited resource.
full team

The Carousell Team 🙂 (Picture provided by Mr. Macus Tan)


Just says: I first met him at Suntec City Singapore Convention Hall where the 2014 Mega Flea Market was held. Marcus and one of the co-founder Mr. Quek Siu Rui were there, both were very approachable and inspiring young entrepreneurs. It is such an awesome idea for everyone to have a taste of being your own boss, able to accessibly sell your own wares just by the click of your fingers! Isn’t that awesome? This gives our stuffs a second life to be useful to again for the next owner, rather than being ended up in the trash or with the Rag & Bone men which might be just a few cents worth. As the going says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Which their invention truly proves the point. I had a great opportunity to interview him & I hope more will be inspired to make an impact in your lives. It won’t make no difference if you’re young or old to start now. Just have a start somewhere & you won’t know where are you going to soar high! 🙂


If you have any questions, just email on header Ask Marcus to: justawesomedays(at)gmail(dot)com

What food is fit for my Loved one?


Time is all we have left in this world, often we have spend it wisely or unwisely.

The more time you spend with that someone, you will know him/her better. More communication, no more guessing game. Your spouse is going to live with you not just now. But forever. Remember the vows made, not just for the moment, but for every moment walking together, hand-in-hand through all ups & downs, healthy now or in sickness & old later.

No more what can you do for me, what I can provide you or give you. In family, all things done are out of unconditional love. No counts, no comparison. Rekindle the sparks, don’t let it die down. Remember the first meeting moment, the hiding & surprises behind your back ready to pop out just to see a returning smile. When we are together, we are as One Unit with God’s guidance. Love unconditionally, that’s what a family should do.

Hello friends, if you have more time for today, I urge you to create a spark in your life!

Do something Crazy, like you’ve been wanting to do (or seen before) & have never been done.

1)Buy flower petals from florist, lay it from main door leading to your bedroom to see the smile all over again.

2)Whip up something good & give a surprise after a long work coming back home.

3)After shower give each other a good back/shoulder massage. Often I think it’s the shoulders that’s giving us all the aches.

4)Walk away slowly after telling him/her that you have a surprise hiding in you. (sure to leave the “itchness” in the mind, don’t forget to have that surprise, no empty promise yah!)

5)Sometimes showing love is so simple without anything in the hands, just a nice warm & fulfilling back hug from behind is all you need for a long long day…

For me, I choose to whip up something good since he will be hungry after a long day of work.

IMG_3673 IMG_3662

Pan Baked Double Cheese Pizza with Ham, Tomatoes and Mushrooms. (This is what I used for the pizza base, Gardenia Herbs Wraps, costing SGD2.50 only to make 5 of 10″ pizza!, now who says making pizza is expensive?)

Salad: Butterhead lettuce in Italian dressing.

Accompanied with Moscato Rose Manzoni Pink Plated Bottega. (What is great food without a good sweet wine? Highly recommend you this wine, sweet to the taste, not bitter. Brings sugary love to your loved ones!)

IMG_3661 IMG_3676

Whip up something good & give a surprise after a long work coming back home.

The result??

IMG_3664 IMG_3667


Yes! That smile on the face is what I wanted as a result. Nothing means more than making your loved one smile, which is the most satisfying thing I’ve achieved. All that is done takes up our time, time for them is the best fit for our loved ones. Spend more time with your family.

Often do we flare up easily towards the ones closest to our hearts, we should do otherwise and shower our loved and closest ones with unconditional love. Don’t wait for tomorrow, for we do not know when is our tomorrow. Love you.


Eighteen Chefs @ Ang Mo Kio Hub, Singapore

Eighteen Chefs an Italian-western-japanese Themed dining restaurant named & founded by Mr. Benny Se Teo. In his earlier days, he’s been a regular to the prison mates and officers in the rehabilitation centres. A greater calling from God inspire him that he can do greater & in-turn inspire others. Trained under the world’s renowned chef Mr. Jamie Oliver, he now holds 4 restaurants and his 5th one is opening soon in a few months time! A true inspiration to all who says “I cannot”. Just say “I CAN!”.

ben1 ben2

Above photo credits: Mr. Benny Se Teo

Visited EighteenChefs last week & was amazed at the length of queue to await for seats. It was a hola crowd!


The menu was rather extensive, I would say that the menu really gives us a great impression of a casual fine dining one will prefer to dining relaxing in. The menu goes on with awesome food named Heart Attack Fried Rice and Mini Double Bypass Fried Rice. I see some that I like, Aglio Olio with Mushroom Chicken, Personalise Baked Rice (where u got to choose the 3steps Personalise Baked Rice), Fish & Chips, Sirloin Steak and the list goes on.

IMG_3047 IMG_3044

Menu with awesome choices.


Heart Attack Fried Rice with New York Loin Strips – SGD$15.80


Japanese Curry Beef Rice – Their Chef Specialty – Served with New Zealand Beef and generous serving of hot steaming curry & rice. Great combination! – SGD$13.80

The Heart Attack Fried Rice with New York Loin Strips is good serving for my husband, the beef is perfectly cooked to medium-well (a tint of redness and tender). Well flavored, awesome to the bite. The fried rice which we find a little too oily, otherwise the rice is fragrantly fried and the chilli sauce with extra chilies & garlic add zest to the whole setting. One word, Good!

The Japanese Curry Beef Rice, whose beef brisket is well cooked, soft to the good tension that the meat wont’ get stuck in your teeth, every mouth is flavorful with herbs in the Japanese curry. I would love to have more potatoes next time as I cant tell you how sweet they tasted which melts in your mouth. Very well cooked! Two thumbs up.

IMG_3052 IMG_3055 IMG_3057

Be your own chef (BYOC) they called it when you customize your own Double cheese bake rice.

This one which we made had fillings like Salmon, Prawns & Japanese curry. Usually the long baking time make one think that the bake fish will turnout to be hard & dry. This one proves you wrong. The cheese is really generous (that calls for the double cheese effect!) and the salmon inside wasn’t dry & hard as we thought will be! It was juicy and cooked to perfection. The rice accompanied by the spicy Japanese curry sauce, makes every mouthful hot & crave for even more.


One must order their Homemade Ice Lemon Tea (especially for Singapore an all year round summer country). Nicely brewed tea with fresh zesty lemonade made up this refreshing treat a must in our weather. Gone were the commercially made ice lemon tea concentrate with high preservatives that can keep for years and just add water.

Say hello to Homemade Ice Lemon Tea! We love this!


We had a hearty and satisfied dinner, though it was close to 10pm after our dinner, we still see queue (but shorter) lining up to tryout this awesome dining restaurant. For the affordable price range (they love senior citizens & students and you will get S$2 off your bills) .

EighteenChefs is not any ordinary restaurants, this one takes & gives. Most of their staffs are given the opportunity to contribute back to the society from history of convictions and troubled youths. A chance to be re-employed, being patiently taught and given a chance to be useful again proves hard for any big organization. EighteenChefs gave them a lease of life, hope & faith again which they once lost. Support is needy for any confidence to be gained.

Do support & consider this dining outlet when you’re here in Singapore! 🙂

For reservation, call +65 64817625


53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, AMK Hub,  #04-02

Singapore 569933

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday
11.00am to 10.30pm

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday
11.00am to 2.30am

Awesome 3D2N getaway at Harris Waterfront Resort, Batam, Indonesia


Labour Day which falls on a Thursday makes it a great opportunity to have a long weekend to stretch the holidays from Thursday to Sunday! Let’s leave here & have a getaway from the frantic & craze from city life! Woo hoo! Hello nature!

Just a 45mins ferry ride from Harbourfront Ferry Port, Singapore to Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Batam- Indonesia (which you can easily make your ferry booking Here), landed us into a land of tranquaility. Another 25mins drive by the cab leads us to Harris Waterfront Resort (online hotels comparison is so much easier with Tripadvisor! We purchase ours from there! :))


Just arrived at Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Batam- Indonesia



The check-in procedure is swift and we got our 2 hotel rooms for our family of 7persons (including kids). There were two buildings, one old & the other new. The above picture showed the old building, where the new building from the view I’m standing was built to accommodate more hotel guests. Seeing the vast sized swimming pool that we’re facing, the kids urge to dive in was irresistible. Their wishes were granted and so were ours!


Due to the positioning of the aircon which was facing the side of the TV, the rooms in the new building were rather warm. My mum reportedly said she perspired while sleeping last night!

We asked for a change of room to the old building on the next day which the friendly & helpful staffs readily agreed. The next morning after our heartily International buffet breakfast, Mr. Ramli Sinaga (Room Division Manager) came searching for us & wanting to lead us to the new rooms requested. We asked for a inter-connecting room and was granted. Love their heartfelt warm service.

The rooms in the old building were much bigger, cosy & the air-con’s BTU is definately stronger than what we felt in the previous. We’re truly pleased.

ImageImage  New building – Deluxe Room

ImageImage Old building – Deluxe Room

It was pretty easy to make our way to the nearest shopping mall at the Nagoya Hill Mall (the biggest shopping mall in Batam) via cab, a 20min drive. Over there the long gone away A&W can be once again found (the first fast food resturant in Singapore in the early 1980s, however was pull down by the competitiveness of other emerging fast food chains). Enjoyed the super crispy Ayam Penyet (ayam – malay word for Chicken, Penyet – malay word for Smashed; over here means crispy fried flatted chicken meat). One cannot enjoy without extra dose of the fiery hot sambal chilli paste made locally with spices. Local preserved fruits (longan, mango etc) drunk in bottles, wide varieties of crackers & the famous Indonesia Kueh Lapis (layered cake baked using pure egg yolks only, not for those with high cholesterol, else please enjoy this tasty traditional delicacy.



A must try dining at Nagoya Hill Mall.

IMG_2800 IMG_2798 Visited this Massage Parlour “GO! Massage”. Very well furnished & zen looking. Our family of 7persons all went in & the kids stayed with us safely just beside the next partition when we are relaxing with the massage.

I must really commemorate the 5-stars service provided by Harris Waterfront, that night after dinner my elder boy, Tom, had a high fever. Their convenient store sold medication which we can’t read as its not in English and we’re unsure of this brand we have not let our boy tried before. After asking the front desk if there’s any pharmacy of walking distance, there isn’t. Without a second thought, the staff readily drove my husband to the nearest one which is 25mins drive away to purchase the familiar Panadol for kids Brand which he had before! No second word from them! I’m very touched by the staff gesture. For any other hotels they would have ask us to make do with the medicines they have in their own convenient stores.

This is really a hotel with a 5 stars service!! Awesome!

Image IMG_3148

We took photos with them & this is Mr. Johannes (left) and Mr. Indra (right) who took the trouble to drive him for the medication. Thank you & we were truly grateful to have met angels like you both. Hugs!


Image IMG_2756

We enjoyed the bowling alley games, catching the beautiful sunset (shots taken behind the hotel, sea-facing) and many more!

Truly enjoyed this getaway, an awesome experience & true experience with what great service is really means.


For reservations:



Tel: +62 778 381 888




GO! Massage

Komp, Nagoya Centre

Blok B No.1, 2, 3 – Nagoya Batam (Sebarang Hotel Panorama Regency)

Tel: +62 778 421 973 (suggest to call for reservation to be made to avoid fully booked)

Open from 10am-10pm



Interview with Ms. Parveen (Owner of Artisan Gelato Restaurant – Latte E Miele, Singapore)

Ms. Parveen (extreme right) as featured in HerWorld Magazine

I am honored to feature Ms. Parveen. 

The entrepreneurship spirit in her, having to juggle with being a mother of two wonderful young daughters, owner of her own Gelato restaurant, a loving wife for her supportive husband and a furry mother of her dog a golden retriever. Here I had an awesome interview with her, to understand her even more.


1) Why do you choose this profession and what do you most love & appreciate about this passion? 

“The reason why I chose to open a kids’ friendly Gelato Parlour was because I realized that not many places offered this in Singapore. At times when we brought our kids out, they use to get so bored sitting at the table that enjoying a cup of tea had to be a rush job. Another reason was because of my love for desserts. I love desserts and what better way than to work with something you love and at the same time make the kids happy. 🙂 ”

She added, “What I appreciate is that when I’m at work, my kids get to be with me at the play area and while I’m enjoying coming up with new ideas, they are enjoying the play area. So it’s a Win-Win situation :)”

(Her artisan gelato restaurant comes with a Children’s indoor playground, where kids freely roam & play to their delight while parents’ can relaxingly enjoy waffles & gelatos, yet have an eye on them just beside.)

Ms. Parveen with her awesome family on an outing.

2) What difficulties do you face in pursuing this dream & how do you overcome it?

“The difficulties I faced was time management. At times when I felt that I was everywhere, taking care of the house (as I don’t have an employed helper), kids, hubby and at the same time managing the cafe. At times I felt I didn’t have time for myself. How I overcame any obstacle was the support from my family especially my husband. He helped out and was always there which made it so much easier to manage any problems faced.”


3) Who inspires you, or whom do you inspire to be like?

“The person that inspires me is Nick Vujicic.

He has shown the world that if you are truly happy within, you can overcome any obstacles be it in life or at work.”


4) What are the things that makes you happy?

“The thing that makes me happy is to spend time with my family. Just a simple outing for a picnic or just snuggling at home.”


Just says: She’s the first I approached for interview and she readily agreed, willing to share her stories which will touch people of all walks of lives. People whom have a dream & uncertain the next step to take. It’s like taking a leap of faith to pursue what you like doing, not sure of how the whole will accept it or how you can manage it. Somehow I know that God won’t give you something which you cannot handle, it might be a test, it might be difficult at first to show your worthy, but if you go through it, it will surely lead you to the top of the mountains to soar on far & wide.

I had a wonderful experience interviewing her, wishing her best of luck in her future endeavors and plans that God had planned it to come forth for her.


If you have any questions, just email on header Ask Parveen to: justawesomedays(at)gmail(dot)com


Do support/patronize Latte E Miele where its location can be found here.

Awesome Italian Themed Dinner @ La Pizzaiola (Jalan Riang, Singapore)

There’s a hidden gem nested in the heart of Serangoon (Singapore). Many lived in that town, but mostly frequent the more popular shopping spot, which is The NEX Mega Shopping Mall (right above the Serangoon MRT train station). Majority have yet to hear & much try at this Italian Restaurant named La Pizzaiola. We frequent there and again, my husband & I decided to head down there & grab a BIG BITE!! 🙂

Situated just 10-15mins walk from The NEX, it is tucked away, surround by the private estates.

As the seats are limited, I would highly recommend you to make a reservation a day before coming. The thing I love whenever I’m here is the smile & politeness of the waiters which makes you feel so welcoming & at home. This place provides one of the best customer service, never fails to delight me!  Continue reading

Is It Just me or do you also have the same tune running in your head?


Woke up this morning and had the same tune running over & over again in my head.

A choice to think about sad tunes, mono tunes or… Just choose happy tunes! I’m glad that this happy tune rings in me this morning. Pray that this stays not only in me but in everyone who’s reading this.

Life is all about ups and downs. Don’t focus on the down that you have been missing all the Ups that’s around you or was about to come!

May this tune rings in you and your soul. Be blessed with love & happiness, have an Awesome day ahead! Hugs!

Awesome Easter Sunday Brunch @ Capella Singapore (Sentosa)

I was ecstatic when I receive news from my FB that I won the Easter Sunday Brunch Giveaway held by Capella Singapore. It was a Sunday I wouldn’t want my kids (“Tom” the lovely elder & “Jerry” the huggable younger, thats their favourite characters!)  to miss the fun & excitement, also to have a fruitful Sunday family time together.


It was pretty accessible & easily located just driving through the Sentosa ticketting gantry, approaching the roundabout, take the exit at hour’s hand “3pm” direction, first on the left .

The hotel sits on a hilly top with lush greenery & British colony deco, makes you feel like you’re its another different part of Singapore. Away from the hustle & bustle of city, here you enjoy peace, calmness & scenic views with the hotel overseeing the South China Sea.

The kids were both excited to this new place we’re gonna explore. They had a wonderful time strolling the basement. Kids just love water! They wanted to have a a fun water play time just by seeing the water fountain all the time!


As we were an hour early, so we waited by the swimming pool that’s facing the South China Sea where the view was breathtaking and refreshing! The kids were planning to have a dip into the pool! haha! I must compliment the kind gesture of the serviceman who take charge of the pools, and he came over to us  a few times asking if we need any drinks & also offered ice lolly to the kids & the rest of the swimmers. Love the great service & this little gesture touches the kids hearts too! 🙂


Wonderful view overlooking the sea.


I was warmly greeted by a nice lady, Ms. Suzette Simon who’s the F&B Coordinator and she congratuate me on the win.  The Easter Sunday Brunch was a spread, accompanied by the soothing Bossa Nova Song played by the band. The feel of the place was beautiful.

IMG_2068 IMG_2072

The kids were amazed by the colourful eggs decor on our tables, surround by their favourite gummy bears, more sweets & bunny chocolate. We had a sumptous brunch with buffet having Roasted beef, chicken, lamb, fresh live oysters, cold seafood corner, Hot piping flakey savoury pies, sweet cakes lined with strawberries (their favourite), Italian gelato, fruits fondue etc. Unlimited free flow of red /white wines, Tattinger champagne (white & rose). I have to commemorate their good service, I have no need to ask for wine/champagne to my table, they just keep coming! Their serving is just so generous. You name it they have it!

IMG_2073 IMG_2101

The event was very well planned with kids’ events such as Easter egg basket making & Easter eggs hunting. They do have lots of fun doing craft work and we have great time doing it with them.

IMG_2097 IMG_2109 IMG_2120

It was an eventful day, the kids & us had a great bonding time together. We are truly happy…Thank you all & God for planning this for us on an Easter Sunday.


S$228++ per person, inclusive free flow of wines & champagne

S$188++ per person, inclusive of free flow beverages and fresh juices

S$118++ for children aged 7 to 12 years old

S$78 for children aged 4 to 6 years old


For reservation, contact: +65 63778888

Capella Singapore

1 The Knolls

Sentosa Island

Singapore 098297